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The Pedro Arrupe Institute of Human Rights was founded in 1997 with the main purpose of working for a human rights culture, from a university perspective and a marked social and international vocation.

The work done by the Pedro Arrupe Institute of Human Rights centres on three large action programmes that are in keeping with the Institute’s academic nature and its calling to impact society:

  • Teaching and Training Programme: This programme aims to spread knowledge on human rights-related subjects and humanitarian action, in addition to training agents and experts capable of taking action in these fields with professionalism and technical competences.
  • Research Programme: This programme aims to further analysis and knowledge of human rights through research projects that prompt reflection, contributing relevant innovation to the different sciences from a human rights perspective.
  • Dissemination and Social Impact Programme: This programme looks to foster a culture of acceptance and respect for human rights, condemning their violation and social injustice, encouraging serious social debate and reflection on social and political aspects that are key to human rights. This entails participating in human rights protection and promotion, either through direct actions carried out by the institute or offering advisory services to involve other bodies such as public institutions or non-governmental organisations.

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