Meeting of University of Deusto and University College Dublin Researchers with Jesuit Refugee Service staff in Soacha, Colombia

On 10 August 2018 researchers from University of Deusto and University College Dublin met with Jesuit Refugee Service staff in Soacha, Colombia, one of the cities included within the PRUV project.  At the meeting the methodologies and results of previous research were discussed.  A plan for communicating and disseminating the results was also made.  Further [...]

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PRUV Project Coordinator participates in OCHA’s Global Humanitarian Policy Forum

Dr Pat Gibbons (Centre for Humanitarian Action, University College Dublin) participated in OCHA’s sixth annual Global Humanitarian Policy Forum on 13 December 2017 in New York.  The theme of this year’s Policy Forum was “Reaching for the future: Humanitarianism in 2030.”  It explored the following overarching question: What is the scale and depth of change required [...]

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PRUV project holds Mid-Term Review Meeting

PRUV project participants and reviewers at the project's Mid-term Review Meeting On 24 November 2017 PRUV project participants engaged in the project's mid-term review meeting at University College Dublin.   Reviewers from the project's grant agency, the European Commission's Research Executive Agency, as well as expert reviewers interested in the research and innovation within [...]

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Joint Jesuit Refugee Service-University of Deusto Dissemination Event

In May 2017 Fr Mauricio Moreno (Co-ordinator, Jesuit Refugee Service in Soacha) and Pablo Cortés Ferrández (University of Deusto) briefed students of Pontificia Universidad Javeriana on the history of and key issues relating to Altos de la Florida, an informal settlement in Soacha, Colombia. The students were engaged in a social immersion project in Altos [...]

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Published Report: The City: The Final Frontier for Humanitarian Action

Researchers from University of Deusto and Jesuit Refugee Service have recently published a report: “La ciudad: la última frontera para la acción humanitaria”.  The report (in Spanish) provides an overview of the urban informal settlement of Altos de la Florida located in Soacha, a peripheral city on the outskirts of Bogotá.  It analyses the contribution of [...]

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Research Design meetings, October – November 2016

Throughout the months of October and November researchers from across the consortium have been hosted at both University College Dublin and Future Analytics Consulting to finalise the research designs of the five PRUV work packages.  Researchers have shared knowledge concerning the four test-bed cities, research approaches and ways of maximising the utility of the research [...]

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Workshop meetings, Oct-Nov 2016

Meeting at Future Analytics Consulting, 3 November 2016   Pictured at Future Analytics Consulting (l-r): Ronan McDermott (Centre for Humanitarian Action, University College Dublin), Maria Rochford (Future Analytics Consulting), Desire Mpanje (Centre for Humanitarian Action, University College Dublin), Aoife Doyle (Future Analytics Consulting), Laura Hofmann (Ruhr University Bochum), Tombak Ahmad Al-Ayubbi (Yayasan Cipta Cara Padu), [...]

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PRUV Kick-start Seminar, May 2016

From 16th to 18th May 2016 the PRUV consortium held its kick-start seminar at University College Dublin. It brought together researchers from across the across consortium with the goal of priming the research. Day 1: Overview of Urban Contexts and Work Packages On day 1 the consortium was firstly briefed on the urban contexts in [...]

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World Conference on Humanitarian Studies, March 2016

As part of the collaborative development of PRUV’s research design a number of PRUV delegates held a panel session at the 4th bi-annual IHSA conference took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 5th to 8th March 2016. The papers presented related to each PRUV work package; social capital, protection, legal frameworks, comprehensive security and public [...]

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