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Definition of Key Terms within the PRUV Project

The following table summarises the how key terms are to defined within the PRUV project.

Term Definition
Preparedness Preparedness relates to the capacities and knowledge of all key stakeholders (affected people, communities, authorities, and professional response organisations among others) to anticipate and respond to existing and future threats  (UNISDR, 2008).
Resilience Resilience is a measure of households´, communities` and societies´ ability to both address their vulnerabilities by improving their capacities to absorb and adapt to existing and anticipated shocks and stresses while strengthening their capacities to transform/overcome to a level where these stresses are no longer relevant.  Resilience is to be considered a concept that is “co-created” by all actors in the research process, both researchers and participants.
Urban Urban is defined in relation to the capacities and vulnerabilities arising  from the inter-dependencies that characterise highly complex and interlinking social, protection, legal, security and health systems.  Urban areas feature high population density, diverse livelihoods and means of production and are often sites of government-provided facilities/infrastructure.
Vulnerability The characteristics and circumstances of a community, system or asset that make it susceptible to the damaging effects of a hazard (Wisner, et al., 2012).
Such characteristics and circumstances can be multi-dimensional (physical, social, economic, structural…)