From 16th to 18th May 2016 the PRUV consortium held its kick-start seminar at University College Dublin. It brought together researchers from across the across consortium with the goal of priming the research.

  • Day 1: Overview of Urban Contexts and Work Packages
    On day 1 the consortium was firstly briefed on the urban contexts in Colombia, Indonesia and Kenya in which primary research will be undertaken. This was followed by a presentation of each of the work packages by the work package leaders who proposed specific objectives to guide the research undertaken. Over the course of the 3-day seminar participants had the opportunity to reflect on and discuss these proposals. Future Analytics Consulting, which has considerable experience in engaging in H2020 projects concerning the theme of urban resilience, provided a workshop in the afternoon that introduced all actors to current debates concerning this theme.
  • Day 2: Transferable Skills Training
    Transferable skills training workshops were held relating to field safety and security, social network analysis and research ethics.
  • Day 3: Finalising the Research Projects
    Study groups were formed in line with the work packages. The study groups further clarified the work packages and mapped mobility within the project.
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